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5:00pm August 15th 2010 via API

RT @mrpatulski: RT @bleachead RT @phil_nash: Welcome the new decade: Java: restricted platform, Google: evil, Apple: monopoly & Microsof ...

5:00pm August 14th 2010 via API

RT @agathongroup: Get rich with Twitter! (No, not really.) Like life, it's about the relationship, not the sale. http://is.gd/a3PmK

4:00pm March 8th 2010 via API

RT @rissajeanne: If you can't tweet something nice, don't tweet nothing at all.

4:00pm March 5th 2010 via API

RT @Astro_Jeff: While "enduring the agony" of the daily treadmill run, listened to a wonderful message on the "race of faith" in Hebrews ...

4:00pm February 27th 2010 via API

RT @lukerumley: RT @studionashvegas: Testing out my new Toyota keyboaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...

4:00pm February 15th 2010 via API

Setting my client API name.

4:00pm January 1st 2010 via API

Trying out my new Twittica class.

4:00pm January 1st 2010 via API

Finally, a command line twitter poster that doesn't save my passwd.

5:00pm July 4th 2009 via API